We believe we can provide the best care possible to our patients because of our willingness to learn and use the newest techniques, and because we use the information we have
collected to educate our patients about their options.
By combining the use of newer biologic products, innovative instrumentation, and state of the art intra-operative imaging,
as well as using data driven methods, we’ve been able to achieve better clinical outcomes.


Unique Surgical Specialty

Triangle Neurosurgery provides a unique surgical specialty by focusing entirely on cervical and lumbar spine problems. In the increasingly complex field of neurosurgery, specialization is crucial. With focus solely on the treatment of spinal problems, Dr. Bullard has been able to keep abreast of the latest advances in this area and conduct clinical research on the comprehensive and surgical treatment of disorders of the spine. As a result, he has gained unmatched expertise in minimally invasive spine surgery.

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Our Team Approach

Triangle Neurosurgery values a team approach to treating our patients. Our belief is that a group of qualified individuals working together with a common goal is able to achieve more than those individuals working separately. We have formed a collaborative, supportive team with the goal of providing the best care for each patient. We go out of our way to accommodate and guide you. We deal with your insurance company and schedule your imaging studies (MRIs, CTs). It is not unusual for patients to interact with every single employee at Triangle Neurosurgery because we truly function as a team.

We also take great pride in working closely with our patients. We encourage our patients to become an educated, active member of their treatment team so that together we can make the best health care decisions. Dr. Bullard provides the recommendations and rationale for specific treatments and the patient is then able to direct his or her own care accordingly.

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Decisions Based on Clinical Data

We believe that clinical decisions should be based upon sound clinical data. For the past ten years we have exhibited our belief in data-driven medicine by keeping records of our results, collecting case histories, demographic information, intra operative x-rays and extensive long-term follow up data. The collection and analysis of this data has helped to provide new insights on the most effective treatment approach for patients and their specific condition. This includes assessment of the latest innovations in medical devices and biological systems used in spine surgery.

Research Participation

Recent advances in the treatment of spinal problems has made it crucial for practices to stay on the cutting edge of research. Triangle Neurosurgery takes an active role in clinical trials to be on the forefront of tomorrow’s standard procedures. We have worked with some of the most innovative companies in the healthcare industry, and as a result, have first-hand knowledge of which devices and products work best for which conditions and type of surgery while also taking into consideration individual patient factors.

Qualified patients may be able to participate in our studies.
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Unparalleled Success

With more than 30 years of experience diagnosing and treating spine problems, Dr. Bullard is a regional leader in neurosurgical care. He has played a role in helping hundreds of people with spinal problems achieve their goal of returning to a normal life. We measure success in two ways: positive patient testimonials and the number of patients who refer friends and family to our practice. We are proud to say that over 70% of our patients are referred to us by current or former patients. One only needs to see and read our patient testimonials to know we have achieved our measure of success.