Triangle Neurosurgery, PA has treated many patients injured on the job. We go out of our way to accommodate patients with Workers’ Compensation injuries affecting their neck and low back. We are well versed in the Workers’ Compensation laws and work closely with the injured worker, adjuster, case manager and employer.

We provide:

  • Expedited appointments. We often can schedule you within one to two weeks.
  • Independent Medical Evaluations with a report within 48 hours of the office visit.
  • Second Opinions — If surgery has been recommended by another provider,
    Dr. Bullard can provide an expert second opinion.
  • Evaluation of Permanent Physical Impairment according to the
    North Carolina Industrial Commission Rating Guide
  • Surgery and post-operative care
  • Work status reports

We coordinate all imaging studies required for the patient as well as referrals to other providers. Our staff will insure office visits and procedures are preauthorized. Our goal is to help the injured worker reach maximum improvement in the shortest time possible and return to work in a capacity suitable to their condition. Please call us today to make an appointment.

Workers Compensation Referrals

Spine injuries are common complaints among injured employees and having a physician specially trained to evaluate and treat conditions encompassing disability medicine is crucial. Triangle Neurosurgery is committed to high quality patient care, assessment and services injured workers require in returning to work safely and as expediently as their medical condition will allow.

Because the Worker’s Compensation system requires straightforward access to communication with the physician’s office, Triangle Neurosurgery has a Workers’ Compensation Coordinator to serve as the liaison between our providers, our schedulers, case managers, employers and patients. Triangle Neurosurgery welcomes you to contact us to begin the workers’ compensation referral process as detailed below.

Scheduling Workers’ Compensation Appointments

To request a workers’ compensation appointment, authorization must be received in writing from the Workers Compensation Insurance Company or Adjustor prior to scheduling or making the appointment. Complete our Workers Compensation Referral Form and email it to Barbara Moore at, Workers’ Compensation Coordinator or Fax (919-235-0227) the completed form to begin the process. Once the form is received, we will contact the requesting party to schedule an appointment.

In order to better serve you and your patients, prior to scheduling an appointment all records and/or any related x-rays or imaging studies must be received. Records over 25 pages in length MUST be mailed to our office, not faxed. For questions or concerns regarding any workers’ compensation matter, please contact Barbara Moore, Workers’ Compensation Coordinator at (919) 235-0222, ext. 208.