Triangle Neurosurgery is now CLOSED and no longer accepting patient appointments.

Dr. Dennis Bullard is retired from surgery.

For medical records, please visit:


Desert River Solutions


Other Contact Information

Phone: 480-577-3150
Fax: 520-214-0068


To find another physician, please visit The North Carolina Medical Board website for a listing.

Dr. Bullard will be continuing to perform record reviews for Second Opinions on Cervical and Lumbar Spine cases. For more information, please email


Bullard Spine, LLC
Box 322
9650 Strickland Rd.
Suite 103
Raleigh,NC 27615


General Email Inquiries:


    Dr. Dennis Bullard

  • 25 years of experience
  • Voted "Best Doctor in America" numerous times
  • Worldwide visiting surgeon
  • 30 years of professorships around the world